Resource Library

Handouts, study guides, workbooks, FAA-resources and more. The Resource Library is how we teach students to teach themselves.


High-resolution colorful representations of aeronautical subject areas ranging from Angle of Attack to Airspace & more! Some subjects, for some learners, are just easier to learn visually. And they’re always here for quick reference!





Instrument Flying




Airmen Certification Standards

Want to know exactly what’s expected of you during a checkride? The ACS is where you find all of that information. Remember though, these are minimums not targets. Some standards are still found in the Practical Test Standards (PTS) and are also included here. This is not a complete list, just a relevant compilation for our students. A complete list is available from the FAA.



Recommended Reading

Maneuvers Guides

Use these guides to chair fly your procedures and save time, money, and frustration in the airplane. They are generic, but provide a good foundation for each maneuver. Modify them to suit your specific make/model.


These worksheets can help you practice a skillset like reading METARs/TAFs or calculating performance.

3rd Party Resources

There are so many great resources out there to learn everything from radio procedures, to in-depth performance calculations. These are some of our favorites.



Continuing Education

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Handbooks

When you hear pilots say that you can learn everything you need to know for free from the FAA, this is what they’re talking about. And it’s true! We don’t teach much that the FAA doesn’t talk about. We just teach it less painfully 😉