Private Pilot

Fostering practical education in —

  • Risk Management
  • Airmanship
  • Aerodynamics
  • Systems
  • Regulations
  • Airspace
  • Navigation
  • Flying Cross Country
  • The Traffic Pattern
  • Emergencies
  • Learning Strategies
  • Situational Awareness
  • Radio Procedures
  • Aviation Weather
  • Flight Planning

Becoming a pilot is the opportunity and thrill of a lifetime with unique joys and challenges. New students acquire one skill at a time in rapid succession until, seemingly miraculously, it comes together as flying an airplane. Fairly early in the training process, a student pilot will fly alone in an airplane, entirely responsible for his or her personal safety. To do this safely, and to continue on to success as a Private Pilot, students must begin with a practical education in the fundamentals.

Starting Your Journey

This fully-online ground school program presents the academic knowledge student pilots must learn to earn a Private Pilot Certificate. We’ve tailored the content to serve pilots not only in passing the written exam, for which graduates will receive an endorsement, but for the checkride itself and, most importantly, post-checkride life. Our unique training encourages pilots to think critically, apply knowledge, pursue mastery, and intentionally cultivate the confidence that characterizes exceptional aviators. Our contract with students is simple: work hard and we’ll do the same.

A proper flying education never stops. Our programs are designed to help you make the most of your flight training while simultaneously promoting habits and mindsets that will serve you long after, perhaps even one day when you’re teaching your own students.

Training Philosophy

We encourage pilots to anchor themselves to the “big picture”, employing a heuristic mindset in planning, flying, and studying. Accordingly, our courses emphasize fundamental concepts that save lives, including risk management, decision-making, situational awareness, and aerodynamics. We use black-board style videos to present the gist of it, then we fuse written material, handouts, flashcard questions, study guides, and section quizzes to reinforce the knowledge pilots need to pass their checkride.

Your course includes

Simple, short lecture videos focused on helping you learn the fundamentals.

Full Flight Bag access with handouts that simplify complex topics and maneuvers.


Review quizzes after each section.


Over 200 questions to use for flashcards.

Study Guides

Comprehensive end-of-course study guide.


Instructors are available by email and text to answer questions.


Join our members-only Facebook Q&A group.

Maneuver’s Course

Our Maneuver’s Course is included for free.

FAA-Style Tests

At the end of your course, test yourself to see if you’re ready.

Available Anywhere

Your course can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

Our instructor team is standing by to help!


Text our support phone number to reach an instructor.

Andrew Moon

Corporate pilot, Gold Seal Flight Instructor and former FBO Director of Operations.

James Jacobson

Airline pilot and aerobatics instructor with clients nationwide.

Jake Roach

Flight instructor and airline pilot with five transport category type ratings.

$49/mo or $149 one-time

Pay as you go and cancel anytime.

  • Written test reparation
  • Oral test preparation
  • FAA style practice tests
  • Written test endorsement
  • 100+ lecture videos
  • 200+ flashcard questions
  • End of course study guide
  • Quizzes to monitor progress
  • Learn at your own pace
  • 100% online
  • Instructors available to help
  • Full Flight Bag access

“Flight Apprentice is amazing! It is simplifying everything… That will be where I’ll send my students.”


Flight Instructor

“Flight Apprentice and their easy access approach to online flight training made all the difference for me on my journey to a Private Pilot’s Certificate. I am the type of person that typically needs to have information presented to me 4 different ways before I can understand it, but the way Flight Apprentice explains the material made things click instantly. Their handouts/graphics are amazing and their ability to explain difficult topics in common sense terms helped me feel well prepared for my Private Pilot Checkride. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to start training!”


Former Student

“Both of these instructors deliver the sometimes difficult topics with an easy manner. They are pure professionals.”


Flight Instructor

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