Private Pilot Course

Learn the Fundamentals of Flight

Build the essential knowledge, skills, and mindsets that are critical to a lifetime of safe, confident flying.

What is a Private Pilot?

Private Pilots can fly owned or rented airplanes for individual purposes, like a scenic sunrise flight or a weekend trip to the Coast. They can fly by themselves, or bring friends and family along for the ride! This certification is a pilot’s first step, whether their journey is for leisure or to embark on a career.

Course Summary

Our Private Pilot course is a comprehensive program designed to empower pilots in proficient, safe flying and covers essential topics in concise video lectures and dynamic real-world scenarios. Graduates are prepared to excel in the FAA Private Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test. More importantly, they’ll have opportunities to develop the critical thinking and decision-making skills essential for safe piloting.

Flight-Ready Education

We don’t endorse ‘easy’ training, and firmly believe that challenging training enhances the flying experience, making it safer and more enjoyable. Our objective is to rigorously challenge and thoroughly prepare our students, ensuring they become self-reliant.

Here’s what’s in your course.

Simple, Effective Lectures

Dive into concise online lectures that use a virtual blackboard style to help you grasp complex aviation concepts.

Study Resources

Gain full access to our extensive resource library, featuring over 40 visual handouts, more than 200 review questions, and comprehensive study guides.

Knowledge Test

Graduates are endorsed for the FAA Private Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test.

Expert Instructors

Our small team has a combined 30 years of instructing experience.

Progress Tracking

Easily monitor your course progression.

Hands-On Practice

Apply theory through real-world scenarios and practice exercises.

Mobile Learning

Study on the go with our iOS App.

Flexible Schedule

Customize your study pace to fit your schedule.

Peer Support

Join classroom groups for collaborative learning.

Messaging System

Ask your instructors questions through our built-in messaging system.

Resource Library

Access an extensive library of custom-made learning resources.

FAA References

Fortify your knowledge with official FAA references.

Lifetime Updates

We routinely improve and update course material.

Cancel Anytime

Cancel your subscription at any time.

Content Overview

Learning Objectives

  • Achieve a level of practical knowledge that empowers pilots to make their own safety decisions
  • Understand that safety is achieved through a combination of skill and intelligent decisions
  • Develop a strong foundation in aerodynamic principles that promotes success in future flying endeavors
  • Ace the written exam through exceptional knowledge, not just exam prep programs
  • Decrease training costs by empowering students to prepare better for lessons

Time Commitment

Dedicate 30-40 hours of study in total. 5 hours per week, for 8 weeks total is a good pace.

Quizzes and Exams

There are 12 section review quizzes and 2 final end-of-course exams that simulate the FAA Knowledge Test.


Students graduate when all course material has been completed and they pass two end of course exams with 90% or better/


Students graduate when they pass the end of course exams with 90% or better.

Instructor Team

30+ years of experience and 10,000+ flight hours.

It’s on You

Students get what they put in! Good learning is intentional.

Course Content

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Course Instructor

Jake Roach

Jake is a Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI), Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI), and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) and has been instructing since 2013. When he isn’t having fun here at Flight Apprentice he’s an Instructor and Captain for a U.S. Airline.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to start the Private Pilot Ground School?

    All you need is a web browser and an internet connection!

  • Are there any extra costs associated with the course?

    The only additional costs are those from the FAA Knowledge Test proctor, typically around $150. We also strongly suggest purchasing a set of physical materials, available on Amazon for around $75.

  • When can I take the FAA Private Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test?

    You can take the FAA Private Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test once you complete all required course material, including passing two practice knowledge tests. Graduation requirements are listed in the course syllabus.

  • Is there a suggested study schedule or pace for completing the course?

    While we recommend studying for a minimum of five hours each week for optimal progress, the course offers flexibility, allowing you to adapt your study pace to your needs.

  • Can I reach out to the instructor or support team if I have questions during the course?

    Absolutely! You can easily get in touch with the course instructor through our built-in chat feature. We’re here to help with any questions or concerns about the course content.

  • How does this course help students save money on flight training?

    By mastering essential knowledge and skills beforehand, you can maximize your progress in the airplane. This often reduces the need for expensive, repetitive training and ultimately lowers the cost of flight training.

  • How much does the Private Pilot Ground School cost?

    We offer two payment options. You can purchase the course with a one-time payment of $270 or access it on a subscription basis for $49 per month. Choose the option that best fits your budget and study pace.