Aviators are made, not born.

That’s why we offer pilots a simple, fundamentals-based education that prepares them for the real world.

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Pass your written test. Learn beyond it.

Your education is so much more than a written test. While our graduates are well-prepared for, and receive an endorsement to take their FAA written exam, our higher goal is instilling the mental models, habits, and core philosophies that safe pilots will use the rest of their lives. Learning that stuff makes the written exam easier too!

No long lectures.

Our virtual-blackboard videos are short and cut right to the why of the topic at hand, with an average of just 5-7 minutes per lesson.

Good news for visual learners:

All students have access to an ever-growing library of 40+ visual handouts, study guides, and “cheat sheets.”

Better together.

We’re a team of instructors with diverse backgrounds that include airline, corporate, and aerobatic flying. While your course has a single dedicated instructor, you have a whole team supporting you!

Modern platform. Timeless ideas.

Our e-learning platform is fully mobile-compatible and allows you to view lessons, take quizzes, message instructors, and ask your classmates questions anywhere with a web browser and internet!

“Flight Apprentice and their easy access approach to online flight training made all the difference for me on my journey to a Private Pilot’s Certificate. I am the type of person that typically needs to have information presented to me 4 different ways before I can understand it, but the way Flight Apprentice explains the material made things click instantly. Their handouts/graphics are amazing and their ability to explain difficult topics in common sense terms helped me feel well prepared for my Private Pilot Checkride. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to start training!”

Blake, Private Pilot