Rewarding, not easy.

Pilots are built, not born. We lay the foundation.

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More than just book learning.

Our program prepares you to meet the real world, whether it’s a career or simply a lifetime of fun. You’ll apply concepts from day one, and graduate with the confidence to safely continue your flying education.

Content Library

  • Video Lectures
  • Handouts
  • Exercises
  • Summaries

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Short, Simple, Videos

We know you don’t want to hear us drone on and on: that’s why our lecture videos are 5-7 minutes long on average. These videos cover the “meat and potatoes” of the topic at hand.

Content Library

Think text-book but less boring. Our content library features elegant handouts, non-“legalese” regulation summaries and more. And we’re always adding more!

Experienced Instructors

Our instructor team includes airline, corporate, and competition aerobatic pilots with a combined 4,000+ hours of instructor time. We put our heads together to find innovative ways to optimize your training.

Study Anywhere

All programs are 100% web-based. Study anywhere with a web connection, on any device with a web browser! And our content is optimized for web presentation: no blurry slides or grainy photos.

“Flight Apprentice and their easy access approach to online flight training made all the difference for me on my journey to a Private Pilot’s Certificate. I am the type of person that typically needs to have information presented to me 4 different ways before I can understand it, but the way Flight Apprentice explains the material made things click instantly. Their handouts/graphics are amazing and their ability to explain difficult topics in common sense terms helped me feel well prepared for my Private Pilot Checkride. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to start training!”


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