We Empower Future Aviators.

Flight Apprentice online ground school fosters confidence through a fundamentals-based education that equips pilots with the knowledge and mindset to create their success.

Pass Your Written Test

The entire course is designed with the written test in mind. Through a combination of lecture videos, written material and quizzing, we introduce and reinforce concepts, while also showing pilots how to apply them in the real-world. Furthermore, each lesson contains a summary of major points which we encourage pilots to write on flashcards to help them retain the knowledge. As you near the end of the course, we feature 3 FAA-style practice tests to make sure you’re well prepared for the real thing!

Get Your Endorsement!

When you finish the course, you’ll be automatically endorsed to take the official written test! This is one of three major evaluations for aspiring pilots. The other two are the Oral Exam and the Flight Check which together make up the Practical Test. When you bring a great written test score to your Practical Test, you demonstrate to the evaluator that you are hardworking and prepared!

Prepare for the Oral

The End of Course Study Guide reinforces concepts learned through training and allows students to evaluate their knowledge in a non-testing environment. We encourage students to use it to prepare for the Oral Exam portion of the Practical Test. This small-book includes a variety of quiz questions as well as a framework pilot’s can use to systematically prepare for the Oral Exam. We also include “thinking” questions that have no particular right answer, but which we discuss in detail. The oral exam is often structured similarly, as is the real world! 

Lecture Videos: Short and Simple

For years, we’ve noticed students’ progress accelerate after brief, focused lectures that drill the application of fundamental concepts. For example, a simple briefing on aerodynamics helps new pilots maintain finer aircraft control from the get-go! We’ve recorded these lectures to make them available to all of you! Our standard lesson begins with a short 5-7 minute video followed by supplemental content to continue sampling and reinforcing concepts. And don’t worry, you don’t have to look at us! The lecture videos show just the virtual blackboard that we draw on.

Ever-Growing Catalog of Supplemental Material

We distill the essential information from specific areas and make a clean, colorful, “cheat-sheet” for use as a reference during and after lessons. Our current catalog has 40+ handouts covering everything from aerodynamics, airspace, and weather to steep turns and landings! We also include study guides including a comprehensive guide to all relevant regulations. We add new content regularly, so be sure to check back often! 

A Team With Experience

At Flight Apprentice, you get three instructors instead of just one. We are passionate in our belief that a strong community of instructors and mentors is immensely beneficial to students. Our backgrounds are varied: aside from our general aviation instruction backgrounds, we have airline, corporate, and competition aerobatic experience. As a team we provide our students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for goals well beyond flight training.

Available Anywhere with Internet

Courses are entirely internet-based so that you can take training with you everywhere you go! We work diligently to ensure compatibility with nearly any device with an internet browser. What’s more, we crafted our content for an electronic presentation from the very beginning to avoid the common issues of low-resolution scans or grainy photos.

"You keep it simple and it's really helping me SO much not to be overwhelmed."


Former student

"Flight Apprentice is amazing! It is simplifying everything... That will be where I’ll send my students."


Flight Instructor

"Both of these instructors deliver the sometimes difficult topics with an easy manner. They are pure professionals."


Flight Instructor