Our Value

Flight Apprentice offers an Online Private Pilot Ground School, several free courses, and a free, volunteer-driven pilot mentorship program. We're a small team of career pilots striving to bring value to the pilot community by educating and connecting aviators. Learn more about us here.

Instruction Philosophy

We created our online ground school with one goal in mind: create better pilots. Our program will certainly prepare you to take the FAA written exam, but it will do a lot more than that! Our course content, from lecture videos to handouts to study guides, are designed with application in mind: We want students to be able to take these lessons with them into the real world as they grow into confident and competent pilots.

Lecture videos are the backbone of our ground school program. It's direct and packed full of content. No death-by-powerpoint, or mid-lecture marketing gimmicks. Your learning is our focus, and the material is organized accordingly.



"The questions at the bottom of the videos are perfect. It's like questioning my student after I've just lectured."


"Thank you for explaining pressure altitude in a more simplified way! You keep it simple and it's really helping me SO much not to be overwhelmed."


"The user interface is excellent and the content is very solid."


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you use the course and decide it isn't what you're looking for within two weeks, we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Support the next generation with our Buy 1, Give 1 Program

Every time you subscribe to a Flight Apprentice course, we set aside a donation of 6 months of course access which we donate to someone else. Often these donations are made through certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations like museums.

Not ready yet? Check out our free courses!



This course teachers Boy and Girl Scouts the aviation information needed to earn their Aviation Merit Badge!

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6 Lessons

This free course introduces student pilots to some of the foundational concepts. We have found that a basic understanding of these concepts early in flight training helps students advance quicker and have greater understand of what they are doing as they fly.

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5 Lessons