About us

We want to equip pilots with the tools they need to succeed in aviation endeavor.


Learning to fly is a fun, challenging, and immensely rewarding experience. It is also hard work. In many programs, training is complicated by information-overload and a lack of structure which makes it hard for pilots to prioritize their learning. Our goal is to emphasize the right material, provide a framework for ground training, and help pilots develop a mindset that will serve as a foundation for a life-long learning pursuit in aviation. We strive to create and organize our course content in a way that our students will have the risk management, airmanship and decision making skills to succeed wherever aviation takes them.



We are a team of flight instructors from Northern California. These days, we’re spread throughout the country in various flying jobs, but at one point we worked and flew together at a general aviation airport, whose vibrant pilot community taught us firsthand the value of great airmanship, mentorship, and instruction. We started Flight Apprentice in an effort to expand our experiences to future pilots, who's home airports may not have such a spirited community to help guide new aviators.


Our Team

Andrew Moon

Corporate Pilot & Gold Seal Flight Instructor (ATP CFI CFII MEI)

Andrew is a corporate pilot with experience on a variety of types including the Beechcraft Baron, King Air 90, King Air 350, Cessna 414, Cessna Citation, Pilatus PC-12, and Cirrus SR-22. He is also a part-time Sheriff Department pilot, Gold Seal Flight Instructor, Assistant Chief Pilot, and former FBO Director of Operations. Andrew began flying after high school, and attended Spartan College in Tusla, OK. He is deeply rooted in his community, and frequently attends local schools and organizes airport tours to encourage students to consider aviation careers. As an instructor he is patient, down-to-earth and passionate about helping others pursue their dreams. A family man first, Andrew lives in Grass Valley with his wife Callie, and their two children.

Jake Roach

Airline Pilot & Flight Instructor (ATP CFI)

Jake is an airline pilot with experience on the ATR-72, Boeing 737, Bombardier Q-400 and Embraer 175. Before joining the airlines, he instructed alongside Andrew in Northern California where he was active in developing training tools to enhance students’ learning. For a brief period he flew part-time as a research pilot, collecting atmospheric data later used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). He has a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Science from Utah Valley University. Passionate about flying from childhood, Jake is thrilled to watch his students grow and excel as pilots as they pursue their dreams.

James Jacobson

Aerobatic Pilot & Flight Instructor (ATP CFI CFII)

 James is an aerobatics and tailwheel pilot and flight instructor. He learned to fly when very young, soloing at 16 and earning his Private Pilot’s license on his 17th birthday. While earning his Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Aviation, James flew throughout North America as a competition aerobatic pilot, aerobatics instructor, and Extra Aircraft dealership ferry pilot. Although now an airline pilot on the CRJ series, James remains an active aerobatics and tailwheel instructor. He enjoys helping others build confidence in their abilities to fly the full envelope of flight.