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Towered Radio Procedures

Towered Procedures

This topic covers towered airport procedures, in which pilots talk to controllers who issue clearances and other instructions.

Lesson Notes

When you are located at a towered airport you will have to talk to multiple controllers (Clearance, Ground, Tower) to move about the airport. Each controller controls a certain area and depending on how busy the airport is one controller might be controlling multiple frequencies. You will have increased restrictions on where you can go and when. Although it can seem complicated, you can make it pretty easy if you:

  • Write down instructions
  • Clarify instructions when needed
  • Use standard phraseology
  • Directly ask for what you want or need (ATC can’t ready your mind!)

Flashcard Questions

What is ATIS?

What is the purpose of ground frequency?

What is the purpose of tower frequency?

What must ATC say in order for an airplane to cross a runway while taxiing?

You call ground control with the following: “Executive ground, Cessna 123FA, ready taxi”. They respond: “Cessna 123FA, verify you have Tango.” What information did you leave out, and what is ground control asking from you?

You receive a clearance to taxi to runway 20 via M and B. That taxi route will cause you to cross runway 31. Are you cleared to cross the runway, or do you need to clarify with ATC?