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Back-Side E-6B (Winds)

Backside E-6B

The backside of the E-6B allows pilots to estimate wind correction and ground speed. Like the front side, it can seem intimidating, but confidence simply comes with practice.

Lesson Notes

The backside of the E-6B is used to correct for winds. We use it to adjust our heading to prevent wind drift and to calculate groundspeed. This is a critical part of flight planning, especially when the winds are high and visual references are limited. Like the rest of cross country planning, using the backside of the E-6B gets easier with practice.

Take note that the faster you go, the smaller heading correction you need for the same amount of wind. An uncorrected crosswind will take you farther off course in a slow climb that it will in cruise.

Practice Questions

What is the wind correction on a course of 185, true airspeed of 95 knots and winds 270 at 16 knots?

What is the wind correction with a course of 355, winds 130 at 12 and true airspeed of 75 knots?

What is the groundspeed on a course of 133 and true airspeed of 110 knots with winds 010 at 35 knots?

What is the groundspeed with a course of 177, winds 285 at 15 and true airspeed of 130 knots?

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