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Four Forces of Flight

Four Forces of Flight

The four forces of flight are thrust, drag, weight and lift. The ways these forces interact determines how the airplane will fly. In unaccelerated flight, the lift/weight and thrust/drag are equal.


Lesson Notes

Thrust: Moves us forward

Drag: Moves us backwards. Opposite to thrust. Parasite increases with speed; Induced decreases with speed.

Weight: The force of gravity pulling on the airplane

Lift: The force acting against weight created by the wings.


Flashcard Questions

If speed doubles, what happens to drag?

What is un-accelerated flight?

You are flying at 70 knots, with a parasite drag force of 400lbs. How does parasite drag force change when you increase your speed to 140 knots?

To establish an unaccelerated climb, what is required?

A 60 degree level turn results in a 2G loadfactor, meaning your airplane is effectively twice as heavy as it would be in unaccelerated flight. How much does lift increase?