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Class D

Class Delta

This topic covers the operating rules, entry requirements, dimensions, and weather requirements in class D airspace. Take notes and use the airspace handout to commit these items to memory. Airspace is one of those topics where memorization is required because you cannot stop to look something up while you are flying.

Lesson Notes

Class Delta is a single-tier airspace typically located around small but busy general aviation airports. It shares the same weather minima and entry rules as class C, but does not explicitly require a transponder. However, aircraft equipped with a transponder should use it.

For many students, class Delta is the first towered airspace they encounter.

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Flashcard Questions

What are the weather requirements in class D?

What radio communications are required to enter class D?

What are the typical dimensions of class D?

Can you operate in class Delta with less than the basic weather requirements for the airspace? How?

You call: “Tower, Cessna 123FA, 10 miles south with Juliet”. Tower says “last aircraft proceed inbound”. Is that sufficient for you to proceed inbound?

You call again, and this time tower says “Cessna 123FA, roger.” Is that sufficient?