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Class C

Class Charlie

This topic covers the operating rules, entry requirements, dimensions, and weather requirements in class C airspace. Take notes and use the airspace handout to commit these items to memory. Airspace is one of those topics where memorization is required because you cannot stop to look something up while you are flying.

Lesson Notes

Class Charlie airspace is located around busy airports that aren’t large enough to warrant a class B designation. Unlike class B, an explicit clearance is not required for entry, but ATC communication is still required. As you learn about class C, keep in mind that class C and class D share many of the same communication requirements and weather minima.

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Flashcard Questions

What are the weather requirements in class C?

What kind of ATC communication is required to enter class C?

Is a transponder required in class C? What about above the airspace within the lateral bounds?

What are the normal dimensions of class C?

You launch a rocket from within class C airspace, with permission of the relevant controlling facilities. Assuming there is not overlaying B airspace, what airspace types will your rocket pass through on its way to space?