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Class E

Class Echo

This topic covers the operating rules, entry requirements, dimensions, and weather requirements in class E airspace. Take notes and use the airspace handout to commit these items to memory. Airspace is one of those topics where memorization is required because you cannot stop to look something up while you are flying.

Lesson Notes

Class Echo is the vast majority of airspace below 18,000 feet. It is “controlled” in the sense that ATC has responsibility for traffic separation of IFR airplanes. But, often class E does not require communication with ATC.

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Flashcard Questions

What are the weather requirements in class E below 10,000′ MSL?

What are the weather requirements in class E above 10,000′ MSL?

When is a transponder required in class E?

What does it mean that class E is “controlled airspace”?

If an airport is uncontrolled, does that mean that it is in uncontrolled airspace?