Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial version?

No. However, we do offer a 14-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your course.

Do you offer bulk subscription rates for flight schools or instructors?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. If you’re interested, please email us at support@flightapprentice.com or reach out to us on social media!

Does Flight Apprentice have a brick-and-mortar flight school?

No. We are full-time pilots with separate careers. Perhaps one day!

What devices/software is the ground school compatible with?

The Flight Apprentice website is entirely browser-based and works with any modern web browser including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

What makes the Flight Apprentice ground school better?

We develop our course information to help students prioritize the most critical information. Students in many ground school programs suffer from information overload: we know that some information is most important to future aviators, especially decision making, aerodynamics and aircraft control, and risk management. We integrate these topics throughout our course, and emphasize these critical areas to ensure that pilots build a solid foundation early in their piloting career. We help students ingrain this critical information through brief video lectures, scenario discussions and handouts.

How much time is required to complete the ground school?

This is mostly dependent upon individual student work ethic, but plan for around 80 hours of work.

Can Flight Apprentice endorse me for my written exam?

Yes! After successfully completing the Private Pilot Ground School, you will receive a graduation certificate which also serves as a written test endorsement.

Can I cancel or refund my subscription?

Absolutely! We will refund your subscription no questions asked up to two weeks after purchase. You can always cancel your subscription before the next charge date on your account page.

Is Flight Apprentice a secure website?

Yes. We use SSL and a secure payment system called Stripe to ensure that user data is always protected.

Does Flight Apprentice give away or sell my personal information?


What do you use my personal information for?

We work hard to collect only the information we need to create a good user experience. We use this information to improve the quality of connections in the mentorship program, user experience in our courses, and in some cases for marketing purposes. You can request that we delete all of your user information at any time by emailing us at support@flightapprentice.com with your username.

Is Flight Apprentice hiring?

Not currently. However, we’re always interested in partnering with people that share our common mission. If you think you can help us out, send us an email or reach out to us on social media!

How can I become an affiliated CFI?

For the time being, we’re limiting our affiliate CFI program to those instructors we know personally. But regardless, if you’re interested, shoot us an email or reach us on social media and we’ll let you know when we open it up to more instructors!

Do you offer a veteran’s discount?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount on all paid courses to active and former military. In order to qualify, you need to send us proof of service. Please go to our Veteran’s Discount page to learn more.

Is there a Flight Instructor course?

No, but we often offer steep discounts to aspiring instructors. If you want to use our content to prepare your lesson plans and practice your teaching, reach out to us to we can hook you up!

Don’t see your question? Email us and we’ll get back to you!