Tecnam P2006T

This course prepares Private, Commercial, and Airline Transport (ATP) pilots to add multi-engine privileges to their certificate in the Tecnam P2006T, in conjunction with our Multi-Engine Course. The content in this course is specific to operating the P2006T. It’s divided into four sections: an intro and comparrison with other light twins, systems, performance, and maneuvers.

Please note that this course assumes a knowledge base appropriate to your level of certification. In other words, if you are a Private Pilot, you are expected to start this course with the knowledge level expected of a single-engine Private Pilot; Likewise for Commercial and Instrument Rated pilots. The reason for this is simple — When you take your oral and practical exams, you are adding multi-engine privileges to your highest level of certification and rating, and your examiner will evaluate you with that in mind.

In some ways the Tecnam P2006T is very similar to other light twins. It has a few notable differences however, including a high-wing, liquid-cooled engines, and a geared propeller system. It is also manufactured in Italy, and the operating handbook prioritizes metric units. Exercise care that you use the correct units when calculating performance and remembering limitations.

Course Resources

In addition to the following resources, this course includes access to the full access to the resources directory, which includes dozens of handouts and study guides of various topics. It can be a great resource for knocking off rust in other areas of flying! You will also probably want to regularly refer back to the following resources:

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Andrew Moon

Andrew is our primary instructor for the Instrument, Multi-Engine, and Tecnam courses. He's a Gold Seal Flight Instructor with over 2,400 hours of instruction given. He previously served as a flight school Director of Operations and Part 141 Chief Instructor and presently serves as the Chief Pilot at a Part 135 jet operation.

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