Welcome to the Student Pilot Fundamentals Course

Glad to have you here! This course has one primary goal: empowering you to make your flight training more efficient and more rewarding.

This course outlines the concepts we wish all students knew before flight training. Understanding these concepts is not only critical for safety, but learning it early pays huge dividends. Students who understand the concepts in this course often progress faster in the air, spend less money in training, and have more fun along the way. Oh, and they become better pilots too.

You should want to be the best pilot you can. Obviously not everyone will be the next Bob Hoover, but caring about flying well, and being willing to put in the work to get there, is essential.

In this course we’ll be exploring a few fundamentals, including:

  • Basic aerodynamics
  • Flight controls
  • Cockpit controls
  • The briefing and debriefing process
  • Checklist/flow theory
  • Pitch/Power concepts
  • Basic flight procedures

Before we begin, here’s a few tips to take with you in your training:

  1. Chair-flying is the best way to shorten your training time and improve your skillset.
  2. Knowing all the words in a textbook paragraph is not the same as understanding the concept and that, in turn, is not the same as being able to apply the concept in the training environment. And that is still not quite the same as being able to apply the concept in the real world. Around here we care about application. About doing. Make that your focus while you study. It ain’t what you read, it’s what you remember and practice.
  3. You have access to a lot of resources, including the Resource Library, Blog, and iOS App, and our weekly newsletter. And you can direct message your instructor with any questions. Use these resources!

About Instructor

Jake Roach

Jake is a Captain and Instructor Pilot for a U.S. Airline and the primary instructor for the Private Pilot Course.

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  • 5 Sections
  • 22 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz
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