Welcome to the maneuvers course. We’ve videos, lesson notes, flashcards questions and handouts to guide you through the maneuvers required for private and commercial pilots. Private pilot applicants may find learning about the commercial maneuvers to be helpful even though they are not required on their flight tests.

As with all our courses, practice is the key to successfully translating acquired knowledge into ability. The vast majority of students (including your instructors) cannot efficiently translate the knowledge of this course into actual ability to fly the maneuvers without considerable time spent, on the ground, chair-flying procedures.

Chair-fly. Chair-fly. Chair-fly.

Recommended Study Technique

  • Watch the video lesson all the way through
  • Watch the video again, this time taking notes
  • Review any associated handouts
  • Chair-fly procedure on the ground
  • Make flashcards
  • Study those flashcards
  • Chair-fly the procedure again
  • Fly the maneuver
  • Use feedback from your instructor to adjust your chair-flying to correct errors

About Instructor

Jake Roach

Jake is a Captain and Instructor Pilot for a U.S. Airline and the primary instructor for the Private Pilot Course.

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