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The Flight Training Process

The first step is almost always to take and intro flight! Find a local flight school and go up for a half hour to an hour and check it out. After that, you'll need to take care of some things in order to start your flight training.

  • Obtain a medical certificate: Go to the FAA Mexpress website and submit an application for a medical.

  • While you're on Medxpress you'll also request a Student Pilot Certificate. Once you've submitted your application, bring your FTN number and application ID to your instructor, who will be able to help you from there.

  • Consider the kind of flight school you want to train at: What is their instructor availability like? Do you pay up front or pay as you go? What the airport community like?

  • We always recommend that students fly with several instructors before making a choice. Different folks have different learning styles. You may learn better from a certain type of instructor: it doesn't necessarily mean that the instructor is better than another, just different. Good instructors and good flight schools will not have an issue with this.

  • Chose a ground school program: Some schools will rely on a particular program, others will leave the choice up to you. Most will at least have a recommendation. We have designed our Private Pilot Ground School to supplement existing programs or serve as a stand-alone program.

  • Start studying and flying. We recommend flying and doing ground school in conjunction, but some folks feel more prepared if they tackle the ground school side first. That's completely OK, but realize that you'll almost certainly have to do some review during training anyway, as it doesn't take long before we start to forget!





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