Aviation Merit Badge

Course Content

We developed this course to help Boy and Girl Scouts learn the content needed to earn their Aviation Merit Badge. This course alone won't give you a Merit Badge, but the content is organized in a way that helps scouts fill out the Merit Badge packet which they later submit as part of earning their badge.

This course contains 6 sections —

  1. Types of Aircraft
  2. Flight Controls
  3. Pilot Careers
  4. Instruments
  5. Airport Overview
  6. Earning Your Pilot's License


Course Instructors

Andrew and Jake instructed together for several years, and they have very similar instruction philosophies. Both now bring their knowledge and skill from other flying careers to Flight Apprentice to give students a well-rounded education. They are passionate about helping students gain practical knowledge so that they can apply their skills as confident aviators.

Andrew Moon

Andrew is a flight instructor and corporate pilot on the Cessna Citation Jet and Pilatus PC-12 and several other light twins. He's also a former assistant chief flight instructor, FBO director of operations and sheriff department pilot.

Jake Roach

Jake is a flight instructor and Boeing 737 first officer and is type rated in several other jet and turboprop airplanes. As an instructor, he developed training materials for the flight school to help improve students' training experience and progress.