"Hangar Talk " was once an integral part of every pilot's development. Wide-eyed novices listened as crusty old-timers discussed their experiences in jokes and stories. Through this process, pilots steadily learned about flying. They had mentors. Other pilots that were intimately interested in watching them succeed. Today, this process is partly forgotten. In a fast-paced career track flight school, the most experienced pilot a student may know is a flight instructor with a few years experience beyond their own. Although the simple wisdom of "Hangar Talk" is not found in official publications, it's still as important as it has always been. We're trying to revive this time-honored tradition.

Our Program

Aspiring pilots register as apprentices, telling us about their interests and goals in aviation.

Career pilots register as mentors, indicating their willingness to volunteer to connect with aspiring/new pilots.

We'll put mentors in contact with aspiring pilots, preferably ones with an interest in the mentor's own career field. We ask that mentors check in with apprentices once in a while, and pass on their knowledge where possible. The goal is authentic interaction between mentors and apprentice pilots, and there aren't any rules other than to go forth and do good. Any career pilot can mentor, including...

Airline Pilots
Airshow Performers

Heads up! We've temporarily halted mentor/apprentice sign ups to improve our ability to scale and create better pairings. Please check back soon! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!


Connect with other pilots in your area of interest! Having another pilot looking out for you is a huge advantage!



Volunteer to mentor apprentice pilots. Check in with them once in a while and track their progress. Offer them advice when you can.


How to Use the Mentorship Program