Instrument Ground School

For all of us who dream of flying, nothing so quintessentially represents freedom in the air as gliding effortlessly in and out of the clouds. Perhaps you surf along the top for a while before dipping below, back into the gray and rain from which you’ve escaped for an hour or two. This is the thrill and privilege of an instrument pilot.

Like all rewarding endeavors, instrument flying is a challenge. The Private Pilot skillset must be tightened and refined because flying itself is only half of the job. Instrument pilots must comfortably aviate, navigate, communicate, plan, and brief without seeing outside. For their hard work, they are rewarded with the confidence of operating in a non-visual environment, the sublime of floating on cloud layers, and the satisfaction of watching a —heretofore invisible — runway come into view at the end of a long flight. It’s also a fun way to reduce insurance premiums, improve one’s skill as an aviator, and for career-focused pilots is an introduction to the procedural world in which most professional pilots live.

Instrument training begins by focusing on your basic instrument skills and advancing toward progressively more complicated procedures including navigating airways, managing emergencies, and briefing and flying approaches.

Training Philosophy

While very fun, instrument flying is busy and complex. For this reason, the “big picture” focus that Flight Apprentice delivers is more important than ever. There is minimal tolerance for low situational awareness or procedural confusion in the instrument environment. This course encourages pilots to use simple models, habits, and briefing strategies to simplify instrument flying where possible and to use repetition-based exercise to drill the fundamental knowledge that instruments pilots need to ace their written test, nail the checkride, and fly confidently in the instrument world.

Your course includes

Simple, short lecture videos focused on helping you learn the fundamentals.

Full Flight Bag access with handouts that simplify complex topics and maneuvers.


Review quizzes after each section.


Over 200 questions to use for flashcards.

Study Guides

Comprehensive end-of-course study guide.


Instructors are available by email and text to answer questions.


Join our members-only Facebook Q&A group.

Maneuver’s Course

Our Maneuver’s Course is included for free.

FAA-Style Tests

At the end of your course, test yourself to see if you’re ready.

Available Anywhere

Your course can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

Our instructor team is standing by to help!


Text our support phone number to reach an instructor.

Andrew Moon

Corporate pilot, Gold Seal Flight Instructor and former FBO Director of Operations.

James Jacobson

Airline pilot and aerobatics instructor with clients nationwide.

Jake Roach

Flight instructor and airline pilot with five transport category type ratings

$49/mo or $199 one-time

Pay as you go and cancel anytime.

  • Written test reparation
  • Oral test preparation
  • FAA style practice tests
  • Written test endorsement
  • 30+ lecture videos
  • 200+ flashcard questions
  • End of course study guide
  • Quizzes to monitor progress
  • Learn at your own pace
  • 100% online
  • Experienced instrument instructors
  • Full Flight Bag access

“You keep it simple and it’s really helping me SO much not to be overwhelmed.”


Former student

“Flight Apprentice is amazing! It is simplifying everything… That will be where I’ll send my students.”


Flight Instructor

“Both of these instructors deliver the sometimes difficult topics with an easy manner. They are pure professionals.”


Flight Instructor

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