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Student Pilot Course

Lay the groundwork for successful training

New pilots benefit immensely from an introduction to fundamental concepts early in training. This course is intended to give students a fundamental baseline of knowledge which will reduce training time, frustration, and cost. The course content is a collection of lectures which we give to students in the classroom during or before their first few lessons so that they can begin to apply knowledge from day one. It's also a great introduction to our teaching style and course layout which is featured in our other premium courses.

Private Pilot

Building the foundation

The training you receive for your Private Pilot's License will lay the foundation for the habits, mental models, and attitudes you'll have as long as you fly. So, it's important to make sure the foundation is solid.

We've honed our teaching techniques with many students through the years. We're proud of our dedication to explaining concepts simply and emphasizing the practical. We firmly believe that knowledge that cannot be applied is pointless. Our program is designed to encourage new pilots to think for themselves, make decisions, and learn from their inevitable mistakes. Our program alone will not make you a great pilot — but it provides the knowledge in a digestible manner that dedicated students can use to build a strong foundation as they embark on their aviation journey.



Instrument Ground School

Marine layer? No problem!

Boost your weather and ATC confidence when you earn an instrument rating!

Flying IFR puts pilots, even those in single-engine Cessnas, under many of the same rules as airliners and corporate jets. Earning an instrument rating means having the freedom to fly into weather that VFR-only pilots cannot. It also means more confidence, discipline, and skill in how you operate your airplane. Our team of instructors brings you the knowledge and experience earned operating under IFR in corporate and airline environments.


Multi-Engine Pilot

Sometimes two is better than one.

Multi-engine training is a rite of passage for pilots — especially those bound for careers in the airlines or military.

We're fortunate to have a team with extensive multi-engine experience. Our three person team has flown over a dozen light twin airplanes and has six transport-category type ratings. The Multi-Engine course is broken into four sections — aerodynamics, systems, procedures and maneuvers. Throughout, we emphasize the difference between theory and the real world and the key procedures that make safe multi-engine pilots. All course material is designed with Private, Commercial or ATP certified pilots in mind — with or without an instrument rating.

Pilot Proficiency

Helping all pilots stay proficient.

Everyone gets rusty when they don't fly. Our minds get rusty too. As instructors, we've had the opportunity to see, over and over again, which areas tend to accumulate the most rust. We've hand selected lessons which pilots can use to knock off rust — and keep it off. Because the course includes Flight Bag access, users get full access FARs summaries, dozens of handouts, and the Private Pilot Course Study Guide. All can be used to stay proficient or in preparation for a Flight Review!


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