Welcome to the Pilot Proficiency Course! We designed this course to offer low cost access to material essential for maintaining proficiency. Our goal is to provide the content that most helps pilots either maintain their proficiency or prepare for a flight review. To achieve this, we have compiled a diverse catalog of lessons designed to re-familiarize pilots with content essential to the safety of routine flight operations. These subjects are either of particular importance, or those which pilots tend to forget quickly. You’ll notice, for instance, that regulations and airspace are featured heavily.

In addition to video lectures, lesson notes and review questions, your subscription gives you full access to the nearly 50 handouts and study guides included in the Flight Bag including—

These documents can be particularly helpful if you are preparing for a flight review.

If you are preparing for a Flight Review…

Remember that a flight review is not a test, but rather an evaluation. Most of the content is at the discretion of the instructor, and most instructors will ask you if there are areas you’d like to improve on. There are no consequences for a simply poor flight review. That said, preparation ahead of time can help ensure the flight review is completed in a timely fashion. Ultimately, your level of proficiency and preparation will determine how much instruction is needed to assure you meet ACS standards.

Continuing Education

The last section of this course is titled “Continuing Education”. Our intention is to use this area to include various industry-relevant information including rule changes, FAA-focus areas, recommended reading lists, and more. We are sure this section will evolve with time, and we welcome your suggestions! Our ultimate focus is making this course as useful to our pilots as possible. If you have any recommendations, questions, or issues please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Jake Roach

Jake is a flight instructor, Flight Apprentice co-founder, and the primary instructor for the Private Pilot course. He's also an airline pilot with previous experience at regional and cargo operators.

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