Course Tutorial


The left side bar is used to access your user dashboard, courses list, user profile and account.

Your Course

Here’s what your course looks like:


The introduction sets the stage for the content in the lesson.


The lecture video is 3-10 minute video that explains the bulk of the content in the lesson.

Lesson Notes

A written summary of the content in the video, with particular emphasis on the most important items.


If there any relevant Flight Bag handouts associated with this content, we’ll include it here.

Flashcard Questions

A list of questions you can use to test your knowledge or make flashcards to help you study!


The right side panel appears when you are inside a course. It is used for course navigation.

Course Organization

Sections are like chapters — general subject areas with similar content.

Lessons are single pages with some combination of: videos, lesson notes, handout references and flashcard questions.

Quizzes are placed at the end of lessons and/or sections. FAA-style practice tests are placed at the end of the last section of the course.

Certificates are awarded upon graduation of a course. In some of our courses — like the Private Pilot Ground School — the graduation certificate doubles as the endorsement to take the real FAA written test!

The Flight Bag

The Flight Bag is a members-only page with our full collection of handouts, study guides and summary documents. There is a TON of content there, so be sure to reference it regularly. When a section or lesson has corresponding Flight Bag material, we will link you to it in the course.






Managing Your Account

Managing your account is simple, and all takes part on the left-hand sidebar.



To enroll, view our course catalog and enroll in the course you want. Users can enroll in multiple courses at once, and each is treated as a separate subscription.

User Dashboard

The user dashboard is the hub for your account. It displays your enrolled courses, profile summary and includes a quick link to the Flight Bag.

Managing Subscriptions

Your subscriptions are managed through your account page. Here, you can view past transactions, update card information and cancel subscriptions.


Reach out to us anytime you have a problem, either by phone (text or call) or email!