Mach 5 Aviation

Auburn, CA

Mach 5 Aviation is a full-service FBO at the Auburn Municipal Airport (KAUN) in Auburn, CA. They are contagiously passionate about inspiring the next generation of aviators and regularly host events like elementary school tours and the California Capital Airshow’s annual Positive Altitude event, which introduces hundreds of Sacramento youth to the many opportunities available in aviation.

Fly For The Culture

Charlotte, NC

Fly For The Culture is a 501(c)(3) non-profit headquartered in Charlotte, NC which promotes racial and cultural diversity in aviation careers. It was founded by two military pilots who work diligently with organizations including flight schools and local school districts to encourage, inspire and mentor youth in aviation.

Aerospace Museum of California

Sacramento, CA

The California Aerospace Museum at the McClellan Airport (KMCC) in Sacramento, CA features dozens of military and civilian static aircraft displays, including the A-10 Warthog and F-14 Tomcat. It additionally has a main exhibit hall that features an ever-changing series of exhibits. Its volunteer team includes many retired pilots, some who help restore vintage airplanes.

Girls Love to Fly

Roseville, CA

Girls Love to Fly founder Jamie Lou Waterhouse never wanted to fly — until she got to fly a business jet. Since then, she can’t get enough! Now a commercial pilot and proud airplane owner, Jamie Lou is focused on encouraging more women to join the ranks of career pilots. She hopes to use mentorship and networking to capitalize on the career-pilot shortage and boost the percentage of female career pilots well above the 4% at which it currently stands.